Our Story

There was a moment in my life when I prayed and asked God to give me a business idea. Instead of giving me this immediate idea, he gave me a word, and that word was Treasure. I had NO idea what to do with that, no idea what it was supposed to mean. Treasure was never the sort of word that was in my vocabulary during that time in my life. I certainly didn't consider myself to be a treasure; the complete opposite, then, was truer to me.
 As time went on, I became interested in starting my own clothing line and BOOM the word treasure started to make a little more sense, maybe that was the name God wanted me to call this business. It was, but little did I know it was so much more than that! 
 It wasn't so much about naming or starting a business. This word, treasure, was introduced to me because God wanted to show me what I meant to him. He desired for me to understand and believe how significant and valuable I am in his eyes. 
So what is Treasure Apparel?
Treasure Apparel is representative of God's heart and thoughts towards me and you; but sis, it's not just limited to us, it's for all of his daughters